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Worldwide Consultancy Services


Our customer base is made up both from existing poultry processing companies and totally new enterprises to the poultry industry. Often, customers entering into poultry processing are expanding from a poultry farming background. Occasionally our clients have no prior poultry industry experience.

Whether building a totally new facility or extending or upgrading an existing facility, customers frequently benefit from specialist consultancy services who can offer sound advice on not just only poultry processing equipment but all the other specialisms involved within a poultry processing business. These include: factory design, process design, refrigeration and freezing, mechanical and electrical engineering plus much more.

For independent and specialist poultry processing consultancy and advice, we recommend Hawley Associates (UK) Ltd. who have close to 30 years chicken industry experience spread across over 60 countries. Whether you process 10,000 birds per day or a million birds per week, Hawley Associates are uniquely placed to help.