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Cut-up System

The Compact cut-up system is designed for efficient and economic operation of cutting plants.

cut up systemIt is designed as modular unit, which allows the installation of several different units according to clients requirements to perform every cut / product which is requested by the market.

All modules are supplied with a water connection in order to enable a continuous blade cleaning during the operation if desired.

The plant capacity is up to 6,000 birds per hour.

Birds within a weight range from 1,000 to 2,400 Grams eviscerated bird weight can be processed, separated into 3 different weight classes.


Raw product Aged or fresh products
Capacity 6,000 birds per hour
Weight grades 1.10 – 1.50 kg
  1.50 – 1.90 kg
  1.90 – 2.40 kg
  Other weight grades upon request
Power consumption Depending on modules
Power supply 400 V – 50 Hz
Water connection ½"
Water consumption Depending on modules
Required staff 1-2 for bird hanging
Dimensions: Basic length 8.600 mm
  Width 1.300 mm
  Height 2.067 mm


Available modules:

Wing stretcher Wing stretching before cutting
Wing tip cutter Cutting of wing tip
Wing midjoint cutter Cutting of midjoint of wing
Whole wing cutter Cutting of whole wing or drummette
Whole wing cutter - Anatomic Anatomic cut of whole wings
Tail cutter Cutting of tail
Neck / neckskin cutter Cutting of neck skin & neck
Breast cap cutter Breast cap cutting with variable rib length
Breast pre-cutter Pre-cut of breast before front half cutter
Front half & carcass cutter Cutting of front half & carcass
Cross cutter Cutting horizontal
Lengthwise cutter Cutting lengthwise
Leg (back strip) cutter Cutting back quarter resp, whole legs and back strip
Leg (back strip) cutter - Semi anatomic Anatomic cut of whole legs
Drum / thigh stick cutter Cutting of drum and thigh
Unloader Leg unloading
Counter Counting of processed birds