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Thigh Deboner

Thigh Deboners are developed for entire removal of the meat from chicken thighs. Additional small drumsticks and wings also can be de-boned.

thigh de-bonerBy using "diaphragm technology", the machine pushes the thighs through a specially designed diaphragm.

The thighs are put on the diaphragms and the bone is then pressed downwards through the diaphragm and the meat is stripped off from the bone.

Meat and bone is finally separated by a knife and unloaded from the machine separately.

The machine is designed for various sizes of thighs and can be adapted by using diaphragm's with different sizes.

As standard, diaphragms with a 12mm hole are used. Alternatively diaphragms with 10, 11, 13, 14 or 15mm diameter are available.

Please note that the diaphragms have to be exchanged daily, based on an eight hour operational time.






Technical data: Thigh Deboner

Type Diaphragm
size mm
sizes mm
Compr. air
SE 50 12 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 50 0.37 n/a n/a

Depth: 1,200mm
Width: 1,430mm
Height: 2,236mm