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Giblet Harvesting

Poultry slaughterhouse operators are placing more and more focus on semi and fully automatic operations.

giblet harvestingWe provide tailor made solutions by providing the new giblet harvesting system for plants looking for more automation but reliable and price worthy solutions.

The system allows an operator, time saving and cost efficient way to harvest giblets from the bird’s package without investing in high-tech equipment.

The whole package together with heart, liver and gizzards is put onto the conveyor system by putting hearts, livers and lungs on the backside whereas the package with the gizzards remains in front of the line.

Hearts and livers are carefully removed from the package by rotating knives without any damage to the products. The package with the gizzard finally is conveyed to the gizzard harvesting system.

The system grants a yield of up to 97% and nearly no damage to the gall bladder.

This system entirely is made of stainless steel and the size of the line is adopted to the clients requirements exactly.


Technical data: Giblet Harvesting System

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