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Offal Pumps

Offal Pumps are designed for a continuous transport of offal from poultry slaughterhouse to an offal separator.

offal pumpsThe design of the pumps allows easy and reliable transport of all kind of offal as feathers, intestines, heads, legs and even whole birds.

Offal pumps are available in two different types: either as a submersible pump or a dry condition type, that can be installed in a separate pit.

Recirculating pumps for the re-use of the offal transport water are available too in a wide range of capacities according to the plant requirements.


Technical data E.M.F. Offal Pumps

Type Capac.
ZF 104 150 12 3.30
ZF 120 150 22 7.50
Dry condition
TAS 100 160 12 5.50
TAS 100 180 14 7.50
S 40 25 16 1.10
S 45 25 30 2.20
S 80 65 20 4.00
S 83 80 34 7.50

offal pump schematic